Friday, June 14, 2013

Minus World

Since this blog is pretty much officially a relic, stuck as it is in a sort of unending Minus World, I figured I'd waste some time with a postmortem of and introduction to it.

In the summer of 2009 my father had a massive stroke and my wife left me. Over the course of 48 hours. It was bad. In the wake of that I started a writing project, inspired by, of all things, the Julie/Julia Project. The idea was that I would play every NES game ever and blog about them.

The blog tapered off over the last year of my PhD, then restarted in a slightly more esoteric form as I faced partial employment and an awful lot of Alan Moore that I was reading. This marked the "actually pretty good" period of the blog - summer and fall of 2010 is particularly prime material. In that period I developed some techniques of criticism and prose, write some neat essays, and in a real sense started my career as a professional writer.

Unfortunately, good as some of the material is the underlying project was fatally flawed. There are just too many Nintendo games, and the band of history they cover is too narrow to do enough interesting with. The idea of reckless completism was marvelous, as was the style, but the project just wasn't shaped right. And eventually I abandoned it, unfinished, and went on to work on other projects, most of which are linked somewhere from my main site.

Still, I'm proud of what I have here - as abandoned first writing projects go, it's quite good. The ideas it developed - of treating cultural detritus as a big, mythic system, of psychochronography as an alternative to psychogeography, and of trying to blog full time - are ones that influenced my later work tremendously.

So enjoy the little historical moment. I certainly did.

Update: FreezingInferno, madman that he is, has picked up the torch and is continuing the Nintendo Project here. I wish him the best of luck.


  1. I liked the idea and appreciated the articles :)

  2. I know there isn't any way I can convince you to complete the project but it would have been great if you were able to. Ultimately I'm glad that you embarked on it at all and though it isn't complete it is one of the best written studies of the NES library that can be found on the internet. Thank you!

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