Monday, January 2, 2012

This Blog is now in the Public Domain

Happy New Year, everyone. No, we're not back, and the odds of coming back in the short or medium term are low.

So in an non-sequitur, I watched the first episode of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss's new series of Sherlock last night. Fantastic stuff. And I did a big reread of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen a few months ago. Also great stuff. A third great thing people talk about sometimes is Hamlet. Remember it? Good play.

Do you know what all of those works have in common? All of them were adaptations of existing texts that didn't get permission from the original author. So think about that when you read this blog post, and consider how much poorer the culture is from the 1976 Copyright Act.

So as a late Christmas present, all entries of the Nintendo Project up to this point save for this one (which I did not write and which is thus not mine to release) are hereby released into the public domain. You can't have Lord of the Rings, Night of the Hunter, or Folsom Prison Blues to do whatever the heck you want with. But you can at least have my weird-ass discontinued blog about Nintendo games.

Merry Christmas, global intellectual culture.


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